Thursday, 6 May 2010

New! Digital flipover. For training , coaching & caricaturists!

A new tool for training & coaching & cartoonists: a digital flipover Nobo Kapture by Acco.
Drawing and writing on special paper ( preprinted dots, every paper has a unique code ), with special markers ( ink, camera and bluetooth inside! )
The program automatically stores the sketches and you can work directly with them: scale and share.
See productinfo here.
Other colours are possible.
One point of attention: black markers turn out to be grey on the paperblock, not on the screen.
I guess Hugo Freutel was the first caricaturist of Holland, to demonstrate the digitale Flipover Nobo Kapture.
In order of Acco Benelux 19 & 20 april 2010. Location Quantore / office trade center Beuningen Holland.
See more pictures here.

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