Wednesday, 14 April 2010

How to sell Barbie's, trade marketing training, live cartoons

Live cartoons in order of SRM , during a training in trade marketing
a product: ©Barbie from © Mattel.
Trade marketing training for marketeers in Hotel Buunderkamp , Wolfheze , Holland, 10 april 2010.
4 teams, 4 marketing idea's, 25 minutes for input and drawing each cartoon.
The cartoons/visuals were used to support the teams in their presentation.
Cartoons 40 x 60 cm, paper, markers, live by Hugo Freutel.
Pity the inspiring, detailed, enthousiastic idea's, input and communication takes a lot of the drawingtime. A race against the clock. A real challenge to my cartoon and rapid sketch skills.
I enjoyed this booking.

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