Thursday, 28 January 2010

Het ANWB km-heffingskastje van Guido van Woerkom

Politieke prent of cartoon met in de hoofdrol de nieuwe Autoriteit van de km-heffing: Guido van Woerkom.
Die ook minister Camiel Eurlings op de weg houdt..... Vrij werk.
Zie ook Hugo's politieke prenten blog.

Hot political issue in Holland: the intension to pay tax per mile for cars. Pay tax for using your car instead of paying tax as car-owner. To fight the trafficjams and help the environment.
The Dutch Government wants to track every mile you drive with your car for tax. A high tech IT digital mile counter will be build in your car. At stake are privacy and limmited freedom to drive your car.
The Government is suspected to use mile data for police, healthcare, intelligence and commercial services.

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