Tuesday, 31 March 2009

World Forum: The Afghanistan Conference

Afghanistan in the spotlights of the world. Location The Hague in the Netherlands.
I still think ISAF and OEF are missions impossible for enduring peace and devellopment in Afghanistan. Too many conflicting interests, traditions and religion, a conflict escalation to Pakistan. Where is the end? A militairy operation against civil and narco terrorists is prospectless.
Poverty makes people easily corrupt and disloyal. Violence atracts violence and causes too many
civilian victims. There is no militairy solution, stated even the militairy.
How many billions of dollars and how many years of international occupation will be needed?
Afghans don't tolerate militairy occupation. Offer aid.

Political cartoon, blog-image, powerpoint-image, powerpoint cartoon, comment-cartoons, content-cartoons by Hugo Freutel. Free work.
Politieke prent, blogimage, powerpoint-illustratie of powerpoint cartoon door Hugo Freutel
Vrij werk.


Dominic Philibert said...

Great work!!!!!

Hugo Freutel said...

Thank you Dominic.

Mahesh Nambiar said...

Very nice cartoon!! great concept!!

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Thanks Mahesh and Nico.