Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Hello Graphics ....Zevenaar, 1-2-2009

Gezellig optreden sneltekenen van Hugo Freutel en Marion van de Wiel bij een open dag en nieuwe locatie van Hello Graphics B.V. te Zevenaar
Een creatieve intermediair in de grafische sector.
Karikaturen getekend door Hugo Freutel.
Wie wil er nu geen feestlift?


Mahesh Nambiar said...

Excellant Caricatures.. well exaggeratted.

Memis Agar said...

Hi Hugo!

Cool live performance!

I absolutely love your kind of rulator wagon you are drawing on!

Have you done it by yourself or have you bought it somewhere?

Can you show any more pictures of it. I absolutely love it.

Perhaps I could imagine my own =)

Keep up the good work.

Hugo Freutel said...

Thank you Mahesh and Memis.

My caracature rollator is original designed by a local artstudent in metal in Holland in cooperation by me and Marion.
I like to work mobile on gigs and not being fixed to one place and a row of guests waiting. You can interact better with your public and choose your models!

Hugo's rollator see our website: > Hugo Freutel. You see a drawing of Hugo and his rollator.