Friday, 20 March 2009

Josef Fritzl found guilty

I saw on Pavel Jacubeks blog a pencil/chalk sketch of Fritzl , so I got insprirated.
Not a loose sketch but more a study of an hour.....still I see proportions to be corrected
or chances for exaggeration.
More sketches will be comming up.
For instance a prison cartoon of this criminal.
Caracature sketch by Hugo Freutel, pencil on paper.


Pavel Jakubec said...

Hi, Hugo,
great sketch...
... :o)

Hugo Freutel said...

Thanks Pavel.

Nelson Santos said...

Very good sketch Hugo have a nice weekend.

Hugo Freutel said...

Thanks Nelson.

Portugal has better temperatures I assume.
We have sunshine and 10 C.

Have a nice weekend.
Marion has a gig and I give a workshop caracature in Amsterdam.

hanzz said...

Love this one !
I made one too a few months ago, on

Hugo Freutel said...

Thanks Hans.
Your Fritzl is great.

Angie Jordan said...

I really dig the pencil sketch of this guy! Good job!

Hugo Freutel said...

Thank you Angie.

ytuythdj said...